Reading Order

Contemporary Books


A small town romance series about one big family

The Wright Brother (Jensen & Emery) billionaire + brother’s ex FREE!
The Wright Boss (Landon & Heidi) sports + best friend’s ex
The Wright Mistake (Austin & Julia) enemies-to-lovers + stalker
The Wright Secret (Morgan & Patrick) brother’s best friend + female CEO
The Wright Love (Sutton & David) (Book 1 of 2 of Wright Love Duet) widow + single parent
The Wright One (Book 2 of 2 of Wright Love Duet)
A Wright Christmas (Isaac & Peyton) second chance + single dad+

Wright Vineyard

A small town romance series set around running a vineyard

One Wright Stand (prequel) FREE!
Wright with Benefits (Jordan & Annie) friends with benefits
Serves Me Wright (Julian & Jennifer) fake relationship + forced proximity
Wright Rival (Hollin & Piper) enemies to lovers + rival wineries
Wright that Got Away (Campbell & Blaire) rockstar + second chance
All the Wright Moves (Weston & Nora) roommates + brother’s best friend
Wright Together (Whitton & Eve) opposites attract + good guy, bad girl
Wright Kind of Trouble (Harley & Chase) (Book 1 of 2 of Wright Duet) age gap + enemy’s little sister + rival families
Wright Kind of Love (Book 2 of 2 of Wright Duet)


Gossip Girl meets Cruel Intentions in this Upper East Side series

Cruel Money (Penn & Natalie Book 1) bet + forced proximity
Cruel Fortune (Book 2) billionaire + second chance
Cruel Legacy (Book 3) revenge

Cruel Truth (Lark & Sam) office romance + second chance
Cruel Desire (Court & English) enemies-to-lovers
Cruel Marriage (Katherine & Camden) arranged marriage
Cruel King (Gavin & Whitley) fake fiancé

Free Cruel Bonus Content

One Cruel Night (Penn & Natalie prequel)
One Cruel Letter (Penn & Natalie epilogue)
Cruel Promise (Lark & Sam prequel)
One Cruel Wedding Night (Katherine & Camden prequel)
Cruel Kiss (Gavin & Whitley prequel)
One Cruel Game (Katherine & Camden bonus scene)

Coastal Chronicles

Second chance romances set in Savannah about a group of friends

Hold the Forevers: love triangle + two loves of your life
At First Hate (Derek & Marley) enemies-to-lovers
Second to None (Maddox & Josie) grumpy/sunshine
Wait for Always (Ash & Amelia) wrong guy, right time


The most epic love triangle ever. Enter if you dare!

Avoiding Commitment (Book 1 of 3) (Jack, Lexi & Ramsey)
Avoiding Responsibility (Book 2 of 3)
Avoiding Temptation (Book 3 of 3)

Avoiding Extras (3 novellas from Jack, Ramsey, & Chyna’s POV)
Avoiding Boxset


A political romance series about a dynasty family

Off the Record (Book 1 of 3) (Brady & Liz)
On the Record (Book 2 of 3)
For the Record (Book 3 of 3)

Struck from the Record (Clay & Andrea) black sheep + one true pairing
Broken Record (Savannah & Lucas) second chance + boy next door

Diamond Girls

A college sports romance about three girls and their happily ever after

Rock Hard (prequel) age gap
A Girl’s Best Friend (Bryna & Eric) coach + friends to lovers
In the Rough (prequel) forbidden love
Shine Bright (Trihn & Damon) rockstar
Under Pressure (Stacia & Pace) roommates + QB + enemies-to-lovers

Take Me

A college rockstar romance with a feisty virgin heroine

Take Me for Granted (Book 1) (Grant & Ari) rockstar + virgin heroine
Take Me with You (Book 2) opposite attract

Following Me

A stand alone escape romance told through a series of nightmares

Following Me


The Oak & Holly Cycle

A heist romance set in an alternate day New York City

The Wren in the Holly Library (Book 1) (Kierse & Graves) (coming 6.4)


A series about a girl who discovers she has magic in a world where it doesn’t exist + the king & prince fall for her!

The Affiliate (Book 1)
The Bound (Book 2)
The Consort (Book 3)
The Society (Book 4)
The Domina (Book 5)

Royal Houses

A half-Fae, half-human pairs with a dark Fae prince to win a dragon tournament

House of Dragons (Book 1) (Kerrigan & Fordham) enemies-to-lovers
House of Shadows (Book 2) exiled prince + curse
House of Curses (Book 3) only one bed + fated mate
House of Gods (Book 4) gladiators + broken MCs
House of Embers (Book 5) (coming 10/2024)

Blood Type

A human becomes a blood escort to a billionaire vampire to save her family

Audio Exclusive

Blood Type (Book 1) (Reyna & Beckham) vampire
Blood Match (Book 2)
Blood Cure (Book 3)

How to best read the shared world in order:


  1. The Wright Brother
  2. The Wright Boss
  3. The Wright Mistake
  4. The Wright Secret
  5. The Wright Love
  6. The Wright One
  7. One Cruel Night
  8. Cruel Money
  9. Cruel Fortune
  10. Cruel Legacy
  11. Cruel Truth
  12. Cruel Desire
  13. Cruel Marriage
  14. A Wright Christmas
  15. One Wright Stand
  16. Wright with Benefits
  17. Serves Me Wright
  18. Wright Rival
  19. Wright That Got Away
  20. All the Wright Moves
  21. Cruel Kiss
  22. Cruel King
  23. Wright Together
  24. Wright Kind of Trouble
  25. Wright Kind of Love

Note: Almost all of these can be read as stand alones and in any order. This is only if you want to read through the entire universe!


  1. The Affiliate
  2. The Bound
  3. The Consort
  4. The Society
  5. The Domina
  6. House of Dragons
  7. House of Shadows
  8. House of Curses
  9. House of Gods
  10. House of Embers

Note: Ascension and Royal Houses can be read separately either starting at The Affiliate or House of Dragons, but this is chronological/release order.