Cruel Kiss

  • Contemporary

  • Formats:
  • Ebook,
  • Audiobook,
  • Print,
  • Free Book

  • Release date: March 7, 2023

    A sexy one-night stand romance set in the glitz and glamorous Cruel world by USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde…

    Gavin King is not boyfriend material.

    And neither am I.

    That’s how our friendship works. We flirt and tease and joke, but at the end of the day, playing wingman is preferable to risking my heart.

    Until I break up with my boyfriend the day that I leave for a two-week Caribbean vacation. And Gavin and I are the only single people on the island.

    But remember that boyfriend I dumped?

    Yeah, it’s his best friend.

    The last thing I want to do is come between friends. And I swore the green eyes, wicked dimple, and chiseled body weren’t enough to convince me. But then I caught him in the shower…and he said he was thinking about me.

    Now, I can’t stop picturing what I saw.

    Maybe my ex doesn’t ever have to know.

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