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September 15, 2015
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Look at this beautiful cover:

Yay! This book finally has a cover and a release date and preorder links! I’ve been doing daily snippet teasers, weekly ARC giveaways with excerpts, and weekly video blogs about the book! If you’re interested in any of that, feel free to check me out here:

Otherwise, I CANNOT wait for you guys to read the first book in the Ascension series! This is my favorite series and while I knew it’s a bit different (YA fantasy and all), I think it’s pretty epic!

Q: What is The Affiliate about?

A: Watch this video here: VIDEO

Q: What inspired you to write The Affiliate?

A: Watch this video here:  VIDEO

Q: How many books is in the Ascension series?

A: 4! Right now. Plus a prequel! It sounds like a lot, but I hope by the end you’ll be wanting more of Cyrene because she’s a badass.

Q: Is it a love triangle?

A: I’ve been getting this one since I mentioned that there were multiple guys in the book. I really think the answer to that is NO. There are two guys in the book, King Edric and Prince Kael. However, I think it is pretty clear which guy Cyrene falls for. So, they might both like her but she only likes one. Got it?


Q: I don’t like to wait for books to come out because I hate cliffhangers. So I’m not going to read the Glitters series until Silver releases.

A: That’s totally cool. You do you. However, THIS IS A STANDALONE SERIES! So Gold, Platinum, and Silver can all be read individually. They are about three best friends and their gold digging adventures. Diamonds (ATG, #1) can be read in combination with Gold or by itself. It’s more of a prequel to Bryna’s college story in Gold.

Q: When will Platinum and Silver release?

A: I’m not sure. I’m aiming for the next Glitter book to come out this fall and then next summer in an ideal world. See below.

DIAMONDS (#1, prequel to Gold) ➞

GOLD (#2, Bryna’s story) ➞

PLATINUM (#3, Trihn’s story)
expected FALL 2015

SILVER (#4, Stacia’s story)
expected SUMMER 2016

Which brings me to my next point:


Q: You said you were going to write Clay and Savannah’s book and you haven’t. When do we get them?

A: Dude, I know. I really desperately want to write Clay’s book…like stop the presses here he comes. But I started the Glitters series and it is my main priority at the moment. Also, I’m FINALLY releasing my first YA fantasy book which I’ve been waiting on for three years so I’m putting that out first too.

I promise Clay will release after Platinum and you’ll get Savannah after Silver. So, in reality it’s not all that long because I’m a slave driver and release a book about every three months (less than that this year!)




I don’t think there are anymore updates. I think that’s it. I hope that answers everything. If there are other questions…well, I can fill you in at a later date! 

BUT since you read to the bottom, I’m giving away an eARC of The Affiliate…just comment below or on the Facebook post!



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  2. So excited for every one of these, can't wait!! I still can't get over how awesome the cover for The Affiliate is!

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