I recently held a Q&A and got some pretty awesome
questions. I thought you would want to read all the answers in one
place. Here you go:

Where are you going to be signing?
NYC in July
Melbourne in October
Birmingham, UK in June 2016

What is something you can tell us about Gold?
Be open minded about Gold. Bryna has a long way to go and like most of
my characters doesn’t always make the choices you want to get there.
Also there are 4 NEW guys in this book just for B…Any ideas for your next series?
Well I have 3 more Glitters series books, 2 more Record spin offs, and
then a 4 book YA fantasy series. Book 1 The Affiliate out this fall! So
after that I’m not sure. Maybe Donovan and Courtney from Take Me.
How are the wedding plans coming?
Wedding is pretty much all done. It’s in 2 weeks!You’re killing me. Really? Four guys for B. I should start stocking up on wine now.
Yep. She’s a gold digger. You can’t expect just 1 guy! It’s also
centered around the college football team…so there are A LOT of guys! A
whole football team worth.Is Ramsey happy??
I like to think he’s happy 🙂

Can we expect Platinum and Silver to be out next year with you releasing a new YA series?
Yes, Platinum and Silver should be out next year, but they’re about her
best friends. Stand alone series. I also expect Clay’s book this fall,
Savannah next year, and the second YA book next year as well.

What are Ari and Grant up to these days?
Grant is in LA recording the ContrBand debut album, and Ari is working in a Chem lab for the summer

Is Courtney dating some hot guy making Donovan super jealous?
Her mom is sick so she’s home a lot. Not much time for guys. Donovan is busy being himself trying to outrun her ghost.

You know I LOVED Savannah from the first moment I met her. How is she? What about Brady and Liz?!
Savi is finishing up school and deciding whether to go to grad school
for journalism like Liz or just start a career…or if that’s even what
she wants to do. Brady and Liz are so cute their disgusting.

I can’t wait to read Clay’s and Savannah’s books. Who are their respective Hero and Heroine?
Clay and Andrea and then Savannah, Lucas, and Easton

Is Jude going to be in Gold or is that relationship over?
He’s in Gold 🙂

If you could have a profession which would you chose and why??
This is my profession of choice. If I wanted one other than this it would probably be a politician or back up dancer.

Ok so my question is, did you change All that Glitters from what you had in mind at the start?
Gold has changed some from what I originally planned after I wrote Diamonds, but it’s the same story still.

Are you still writing a pnr book? Is it ya or new adult?
Yes! I wrote an adult PNR called Blood Type.

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  1. I was trying to find the adult PNR book you mentioned (Blood Type), is it published? If so can you please direct me in the right direction? Also, for some reason I am having an issue while trying to subscribe to your newsletter through your website, can you please assist me with this issue as well, I don’t want to miss out on any future updates or news on your work. Thank you in advance for your help.

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