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Two years ago today I took the plunge and published Avoiding Commitment! I had no idea what would happen or if anyone would read it. I just knew that a few people liked it and told me to publish. Two years later, I am soooo glad that I did. I now have eight books out with two more releasing this year. Through the writing community I’ve made so many amazing friends. I’ve gone to a lot of new places to meet my readers, and I couldn’t ask for a better life! Thank you for two years of awesomeness!

Here is a short list of people that I want to thank for making this year so awesome–Jessica Carnes, Katie Miller, Amy McAvoy (#blackandgoldforever), Bridget Peoples, Rebecca Kimmerling, Trish Brinkley, Shannon Stephens, Jenn Sterling, Rebecca Donovan, Jillian Dodd, Jessica Sotelo, CJ Roberts, Jamie McGuire, Chelsea Cameron, Abbi Glines, Katie Ross, Jennifer Fletcher, Sarah Hansen, Jovana Shirley, Najla Qamber, Ashley Truelove, Christine Estevez, Diana Peterfreund, Laurelin Paige, Bethany Hagen, Emma Hart, Heather Maven, Maryse Black, Denise Tung, my ContraBand groupies — Christy Baldwin, Reanell Tisdale, Katie Stankiewicz, Michelle New, Brook T, Christy Peckham, Stephanie Powell, Tammi Ahmed — Dianna Almanzer, Richelle Robinson, Taryn Cellucci, Autumn Review, and a million other people who have helped and supported me along the way! Also Joel, Hippo, and Goose.
As a special thank you, I’ve written a little something about that comes after Avoiding Temptation is set. So, if you haven’t read all the books–this is a MAJOR spoiler!

Avoiding Series BONUS

By: K.A. Linde
“Jack, come to bed
already,” Lexi moaned. “I never thought I’d see the day I’d have to drag you to
His baby blues lit
up. “I didn’t realize that’s what you were suggesting.”
He hopped over the
couch and was standing in front of her in an instant.
“I wasn’t
suggesting that.”
As she walked down
the hallway and back toward their bedroom, her hips swayed exaggeratedly,
suggesting exactly that. His hands
grasped her hips and pulled her against him.
“You were, you
dirty tease.”
She ran her hands
up the front of his shirt. “I guess I can’t shake some habits.”
“I can think of one
or two habits I’d like you to keep.”
“I’ve no idea what
you mean,” she said. Her hands clutched his shirt and tugged him closer.
“Allow me to enlighten
He thumped her body
back into the wall. A smile lit up her face as he bent down to kiss her. Their
lips melded together, and she sank into his familiar embrace. He drew her
bottom lip through his teeth. Her body responded immediately, superheating to
his touch. His mouth left her lips only to find her neck. She groaned as he
started teasing his way up to her earlobe.
As he nibbled on
the sensitive lobe, his hand traveled to the back of her thigh and hoisted her
leg up around his hip.
Grabbing a handful
of his messy brown hair, Lexi yanked his head back.
“What…?” he asked.
His face was hungry with desire, and he looked ready to pounce.
“Are you sure your
accounting homework doesn’t take precedent?” she asked, batting her eyelashes.
Jack was currently in
his second semester at Columbia getting his MBA. Despite all of the experience
he had working with Bridges Enterprise in Atlanta, as well as the Manhattan
accounting firm he had worked for when they had first moved to the city, he
wanted to get an advanced degree. Lexi was working full-time at a prestigious
law firm in the city and had encouraged him to pursue the degree. It would only
make him more marketable in the long run.
“I can finish it in
the morning. I’d like to finish you now.”
His hands slipped
under her D-Bags T-shirt; the very one that he had purchased for her years ago
when the band was on tour with Sienna Sexton.
“So romantic,” Lexi
“I didn’t hear any
complaints last night…or the night before that…or the night before that.” He
punctuated each with a kiss. One on her neck, one on her cheek, one on her lips
and then he leaned into the kiss. Fire shot through their bodies, and Lexi
pushed herself flush against him.
Things may not have
always been this wonderful, but three years later and it almost felt as if they
had lived a completely different life. Sometimes it was hard to believe they
had suffered through ten years of indecision. If she had known that things were
going to be this amazing, she would have…
Well, she liked to
think that she would have changed things, but honestly, she didn’t know. Maybe
things were only this way because they had already gone through their worst.
She didn’t have
much time to think about it as Jack lifted her up and wrapped her legs around
his waist. He rested her back against the wall and fluttered his fingers up her
legs seductively. She nipped at his lip. His blue eyes turned crystal clear
with desire, and Lexi’s breath caught at the beauty in their depths.
Blue eyes were her
weakness…always had been. All thanks to the asshole in front of her.
“I remember you
liking this,” he muttered.
“I remember you
being an asshole and leaving me.”
He leaned his
forehead against hers, their breath mingling. “That was the best sex I’ve ever
had in my life, and you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”
“Well, as long as
the sex is good,” she joked.
“You’re everything
to me.”
Her heart thudded
in her chest. She would never get over this being her life, this being real.
“And don’t you
forget it.”
He shook his head,
chuckling to himself. “You’ll never let me.”
That was the truth.
A relationship was work and over the past three years, they had put in the
time. Things weren’t perfect. They still fought and complained and got
frustrated with each other. But they worked it out. They took the time to make
sure that what they had lasted. There was no going back.
Her hands tangled
in Jack’s hair as he pulled her from the wall, kicked open the bedroom door,
and deposited her on the bed. It was Lexi’s favorite thing they had bought
together. Despite how impractical it was to have a King-size bed in a small
fifteenth floor apartment in Manhattan, she had insisted. And damn was it worth
She crawled
backward on the bed and watched as he unbuttoned his navy blue button-down. He
tossed it on the floor where it rightfully belonged, even if she did love it,
and followed her onto the bed. As he bent down to kiss her, she ran her hands
down his muscular chest, across the sensitive skin along the hem of his pants,
and then expertly unfastened his belt.
“Trying to get me
out of my clothes?” he asked, grabbing her hand and forcing it over her head.
“Yes. There were
things I was suggesting earlier.”
“I like your
suggestions, but I have one of my own.”
“Oh yeah?” She
thrust her hips up into his and twirled her hips. “I thought we had the same
He groaned. “You’re
making this difficult.”
“I thought we were
on the same page.” She pushed her body against his. “Your body says we are.”
“I love you,” he
said, kissing her deeply.
“I love you too.”
“I don’t know how
to say this.”
“Say what?” she
asked. She didn’t need him to say anything. She just wanted him to fuck her.
Jack rolled over on
this side so that they were facing each other. “You know when I think about my
life, it’s just a bunch of white noise.”
Lexi arched an
eyebrow. “Excuse me?”
“Hear me out,” he
said. He held his hand up. “There’s my life before you and there’s my life with
you, and then there’s everything else…just white noise. I can remember every
time we were together with perfect clarity. Like your smile at the top of the
Ferris wheel, the taste of your lips in my bedroom, the way you looked on the
beach, the feel of your arms around me under the weeping willow, how good your
body feels against me over and over…even the time I thought I’d lost you
forever.” He sighed and ran a hand back through his hair. “Whether good or bad,
all I see when I look backward is you. The same thing I’m always going to see
looking forward.”
Lexi’s breath
caught at the weight of his words and the sincerity in his voice. She loved
this man beyond comprehension.
“I guess what I’m
trying to say is that my life is better with you in it. It always has been. And
I know we said we’d wait until you’re ready,” he said, reaching his hand into
his pocket. “But I’m ready. I think we’re
“Ready for what?”
she asked breathlessly.
He pulled out an
antique diamond ring—flawless and completely perfect. Her ring. The one that he had gotten from his grandmother. The one
that he had kept for her even when he had married someone else. The one that
had always been meant for her finger.
She gaped at it.
How many years had
it been since the first time she had seen that ring? Eight? A lifetime ago.
This lifetime she belonged with Jack, and they deserved their happily ever
“Lex,” he
whispered, reaching out for her left hand, “will you marry me?”
Three years with
the man she had wanted and needed and loved for so much longer. She should have
taken the damn ring when she had first agreed to get back with him, but she
hadn’t wanted to feel rushed into anything after what she was leaving behind.
But she had always wanted that ring, waited for this day, imagined what he would
“Yes. Jack, yes!”
“God, I could hear
you crying that out all night.”
Lexi laughed
brightly. “I think that can be arranged.”
Jack removed the tiny
knot promise ring that had given her when they had gotten back together and
replaced it with the engagement ring. He kissed her hand where it fit perfectly
on her ring finger.
She gazed down at
it in awe. After all this time, she was finally engaged to Jack Howard.
A tear slipped out
of her eye and she realized she was shaking. Her throat tightened. The moment
felt surreal, yet she couldn’t have imagined it any other way.
Their lips met at
the same time. His hands cupped her cheeks, deepening the kiss, and then
threaded into her hair.
“Lex?” he murmured
against her mouth.
“You’re going to be
my wife.” He brushed his nose against hers and then smirked. “Mrs. Howard. I like
the sound of that.”
Lexi shivered at
the name.
Mrs. Lexi Howard.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE….K.A. Linde you are the best and I think that you could publish another book to this one!!!!

  2. WOW! I love me some Jack Howard 🙂 Thank you for writing it, I love that beautiful man and I'm so glad he got his girl back.

  3. The final ending was perfect. Thank you! I really enjoyed the avoiding series.♡♡♡♡

  4. Thanks so much! I met Jack at a B&N for the first time. I was shocked at the ending, but it made sense. When book 2 came out, I was so excited that the story was continuing. My friend and I shared the series between print, nook and kindle copies of the books. This is one of my absolute favorite series EVER! I'm still working on getting it all in print, but am thrilled to add the complete set digitally. Thanks for the bonus scene and for publishing 2 years ago. You've brought so much joy and angst to so many of us and we love you all the more for it. I'm so happy that she finally gets to wear HER ring.

  5. Thank you for the extra and congratulations on the milestone. Would the boxed set be available on Kobo? Many thanks for sharing your amazing works.

  6. I think am late, i dunno but OMG Thanks a heap Linde. Like they said above, it's kinda a great closure for all Jack-Lexi and Avoiding series fans. This was unexpected and indeed a great surprise. I remember how frustrated the avoiding series had me man, it was fun and frustrating xD and it was such a scene i wished for when AT ended. I guess now i should say thanks for not writing this one before and for giving us a lil more of Jack-Lexi, still going strong,life. YES OMG They're finally going to get married ;D YES! Congrats Linde for the 2 years and to all fans.

  7. Awesome! Now I just crave more Jack and Lexi! Thank you so much for taking the plunge and publishing ! You Rock!!!!

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