2014 Update


I haven’t done one of these
in awhile, so I thought I would just give you all the information about
my upcoming releases and such all in one place!

1. The Record Series

Well, first, yes it’s a series! At least three books. All releasing
this year as far as my publisher has told me! Books one and two (Off the
Record and On the Record) are already up for preorder with release
dates March 11th and August 26th!

These books are about an affair between a rising politician
and a college reporter. So, the books are political and deal with
politics, but the FOCUS is the romance between the main characters Brady
and Liz. If you don’t like politics, that shouldn’t be a problem,
because it’s the back seat to the sexy!

Off the Record: https://amzn.to/1dVjehD
On the Record: https://amzn.to/1dhT8Wx

Off the Record: https://bit.ly/1eWNvwR
On the Record: https://bit.ly/1lycRDn

These books will only be available on Amazon or in paperback. Since
they are published by Amazon Publishing imprint Montlake Romance, they
will only be on their format. You can download a Kindle app to nearly
every device.

Release Day Blitz Sign Up: https://bit.ly/1aSzUHE

2. Take Me for Granted

This is a book about a mouthy perfectionist named Aribel who does
everything in her power to stay away from a hot manwhore rocker Grant
McDermott who plays the local scene. Right now, I anticipate this being
at least two books, but knowing me it will be three.

Book one
has a release date of April 29th! Cover reveal will be coming at the end
of March. If anyone wants to join in on that sign up here: https://bit.ly/1fP9mDt

Release Day Blitz Sign Up: https://bit.ly/1o28xf0
ARC Request: https://bit.ly/1hMJBuA

The blurb is already available on Goodreads. I’ll have more information as I get it! https://bit.ly/1jyl2RK

3. Upcoming Appearances

I’ve tried to update where I’m going to be in the upcoming appearance tab, but here is the short list!

May 5, 2014 — D.C. Author Event
June 27-29, 2014 — Book Bash Orlando, FL
July 26, 2014 — New York City Author Event
August 2014 — Atlanta Author Event
September 11-13, 2014 — Penned Con St Louis, MO

4. Would anyone be interested in having a KA Linde newsletter?

I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about how people are missing my posts
and not seeing teasers, giveaways, etc in time! I hate that! I want to
make sure everyone sees everything that they want to see and guarantee
that you don’t miss out on my upcoming releases, because they’re steamy!

If there is interest, I will start making one this week and get it all
set up. I wouldn’t want to bombard you, because I hate getting emails
that clutter my inbox. No more than one email a week and probably less
than that when it’s not near a release. I would also include exclusive
teasers, first chapters, and giveaways!

5. Gold & All That Glitters Series

I posted the first chapter of this book at the back of Avoiding
Temptation, but right now, I have no anticipated release date. Luckily,
you have release dates for three of my other books out this year.
Hopefully that can tide you over until I get more information to you!!!

6. Any other questions I haven’t answered?!


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