Avoiding Temptation Author Tour w/ Samantha Towle

Welcome to the FIRST EVER author tour!

I have Samantha Towle with me today to talk a little bit about the Avoiding
Series and the new release Avoiding Temptation .  I asked her a few
interview questions and at the end she gives you her blurb for the book!
Also there is a huge giveaway including signed books and ebooks from
all the authors involved! Check back each day for a new author! <3

Avoiding Temptation Buy Links:
Amazon <— https://amzn.to/18xRdHu
Amazon UK <— https://amzn.to/1djqgKX
B&N <— https://bit.ly/1djHBU3
iBooks <— https://bit.ly/18FIMje
Paperback <— https://amzn.to/1clICJ8


Please give a brief bio of who you are, what you write,
and your favorite ice cream flavor.

Hey, I’m Samantha Towle. I write paranormal and contemporary romances, my most recent being the NYT bestseller TROUBLE. My favorite ice cream is Ben & Jerry’s Half-Baked.

Jack or Ramsey or John?


In five words or less describe why you love him.

Because he’s not perfect. He is the ultimate bad boy.

Rough angry wall sex or sweet sexy balcony sex?

Rough angry wall sex (with Jack!) every time!

If you could give the Avoiding series a warning label,
what would it be?

Read only with alcohol, tissues and chocolate.

If you could have one of your characters meet one of
the characters from the Avoiding Series, who would it be and what would they be

Tom Carter meet Lexi – why making Jack jealous of course! 😉

Blurb of Avoiding Temptation:

AMAZING! K.A Linde delivered! I’m smiling big right now!
Everything is as it should be…. Lexi got the ending she was always meant to

Thank you sooooo much for that Sam! I’d love to see Lexi with Tom Carter too! 😉  Thanks for stopping by! You can purchase Samantha Towle’s
books or contact her at the links below.

 Buy links for Trouble
          Amazon US — https://amzn.to/1btYBUq
          Amazon UK — https://amzn.to/JbI01N
          B&N — https://bit.ly/1fhdnCX
Links to Samantha Towle’s website and social media
           Website — https://www.samanthatowle.co.uk/
           Facebook — https://www.facebook.com/pages/Books-by-Samantha-Towle/230032170346603
           Twitter — @samtowlewrites


Enter for a chance to win a signed set of the Avoiding Series as well as ebook copies of all books from participating authors!

Best of luck!

<3 K

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  1. Awesome series and I'm soooooo happy with The End!!! That was quiet the emotional rollercoaster, Cedar Point has NOTHING on you!!! Congrats!!!! 🙂

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