Avoiding Temptation Author Tour w/ S.C. Stephens

Welcome to the FIRST EVER author tour!

I have S.C. Stephens with me today to talk a little bit about the Avoiding Series and the new release Avoiding Temptation .  I asked her a few interview questions and at the end she gives you her blurb for the book! Also there is a huge giveaway including signed books and ebooks from all the authors involved! Check back each day for a new author! <3

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Amazon <— https://amzn.to/18xRdHu
Amazon UK <— https://amzn.to/1djqgKX
B&N <— https://bit.ly/1djHBU3
iBooks <— https://bit.ly/18FIMje
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Please give a brief bio of who you are, what you write,
and your favorite ice cream flavor.

My name is S.C. Stephens, and I write angsty romance novels. I
am the author of the Thoughtless trilogy, Collision Course, and the Conversion
series. While I would never reject any flavor of ice cream, I’m partial
to Peppermint, the green kind, with lots of chocolate chunks in it.


Jack or Ramsey or John?

Always and forever.

In five words or less describe why you love him.

I believe
that his douchebaggery is due to serious childhood issues. I have faith that he
can deal with them, overcome them, and become the man Lexi needs him to be.
Yes, I’m a dreamer. 😉

Rough angry wall sex or sweet sexy balcony sex?

Sweet sex.
It doesn’t ruin your clothes.

If you could give the Avoiding series a warning label,
what would it be?

before starting this series, make sure you have a full bottle of Tums, a fifth
of vodka, and a half-dozen full-size Hershey bars. Not taking these necessary
precautions may result in heart failure, sleepless nights, and uncontrollable bursts
of anger.

If you could have one of your characters meet one of
the characters from the Avoiding Series, who would it be and what would they be

Griffin and
Seth. I swear those two were separated at birth.

Blurb of Avoiding Temptation:

K.A. Linde doesn’t do light and happy. She does heart-wrenching,
stomach-twisting emotion, and she does it better than anyone. If you
thought you knew how this series was going to end, think again. K.A.
Linde’s emotional rollercoaster of epic proportions, just got even
better! A series you won’t soon forget! 

Thank you sooooo much for that S.C.! That means so much! <3  Thanks for stopping by! You can purchase S.C. Stephens books or contact her at the links below.

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Best of luck!

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