Avoiding Temptation Author Tour w/ J. Sterling

Welcome to the FIRST EVER author tour!

I have J. Sterling with me today to talk a little bit about the Avoiding
Series and the new release Avoiding Temptation .  I asked her a few
interview questions and at the end she gives you her blurb for the book!
Also there is a huge giveaway including signed books and ebooks from
all the authors involved! Check back each day for a new author! <3

Avoiding Temptation Buy Links:
Amazon <— https://amzn.to/18xRdHu
Amazon UK <— https://amzn.to/1djqgKX
B&N <— https://bit.ly/1djHBU3
iBooks <— https://bit.ly/18FIMje
Paperback <— https://amzn.to/1clICJ8


Please give a brief bio of who you are, what you write,
and your favorite ice cream flavor.

name is J(enn) Sterling and I write New Adult books that make people want to
throw things apparently. But I just think I write from the heart. Who knew that
could be so painful? LOL  My favorite ice
cream flavor is hands down Peanut Butter and chocolate (they could skip the
chocolate part altogether and that’d be just fine by me) from Baskin Robbins!  YUM!


Jack or Ramsey or John?

IF! Do you do drugs? Lol Jack. Jack. Jack.

In five words or less describe why you love him.

loyal and I fell for him in book 1, even though he’s dumb. Oops, this is more
than five words. I LOVE HIM BECAUSE I WANT TO!

Rough angry wall sex or sweet sexy balcony sex?

take wall sex, but minus the angry part. HA

If you could give the Avoiding series a warning label,
what would it be?


not read near small animals or children…they may be harmed during the reading
of this series. 

If you could have one of your characters meet one of
the characters from the Avoiding Series, who would it be and what would they be

dur. Obviously Jack would meet Jack. And what would they be doing? Talking
shit, drinking and being the cocky bastard that each Jack is. 

Blurb of Avoiding Temptation:

If you want a series that paints the world
with rainbows, unicorns and clouds of cotton candy –  AVOID these
books at all costs. You might be TEMPTED, but it’s my RESPONSIBILITY to tell
you that you’ll probably cry. Or pull all your hair out. Or ask to be COMMITTED
somewhere soft and fluffy. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  🙂

you sooooo much for that Jenn!  I couldn’t imagine Jack F’n Carter and Jack Howard in the same room.  It might be too much cocky assholeness. <3  Thanks for stopping by! You can purchase Jenn ‘s
books or contact her at the links below.

 Buy links

The Perfect Game <— https://amzn.to/19dhYqV 
The Game Changer <— https://amzn.to/1i2kX7W


Links to J. Sterling’s website and social media


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Best of luck!

<3 K

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