Behind the Scenes of Following Me Week 4: Brennan

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Each week leading up to the release of my new book, Following Me, I am
going to introduce you to the book with my new “Behind the Scenes” meme.
You’ll learn about the characters, the set, the feel, the soundtrack.
I’m giving you an entire behind the scenes tour! So sit back, grab
some popcorn, and enjoy the show.

Week 4
Meet Brennan

Brennan Walker is the local bartender at Jenn’s Restaurant in Following Me.  Jenn’s is a local meet up for young professionals in Chicago and that is how he knows Hadley.  He’s twenty-four years old and graduated from Northwestern pre-med.  He took some time off to bar tend and focus on his music while applying to med school.  He is kind of a brooding and intense character with “she-shoudn’t-go-anywhere-near-that” good looks.

I always
envisioned someone like a young Milo Ventimiglia as his casting. The
soundtrack to Brennan’s life is I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie.  This is a Christina Perri version, which I thought was pretty cool!


bartender turned in their direction and shot Hadley an exasperated
expression.  He was good-looking in the
she-shouldn’t-go-anywhere-near-that kind of way.  He had devious eyes and a knowing smile that
made Devon wonder what secrets he had tucked up his sleeves.  He wore a barback uniform of black slacks and a
white button-up rolled up to his elbows with a towel slung over his
shoulder.  His brown hair was styled in a
way that made it appear he hadn’t spent any time on it.

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K.A. Linde