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Book Title: Darkness Before Dawn
Author: Claire Contreras
Genre: Romance Mystery/Suspense/Romance
Release Date: May 31, 2013
Cover Designer: Okay Creations


Is love ever enough?

with obstacles she could have never imagined, Blake is brought to
darkness and back by forces in her past she never knew existed.  Desperate to stay connected to the only thing he loves, Cole is forced to revisit
his past and align himself with the people who knew about Blake’s
disappearance.  Separation
has forced both Blake and Cole to learn how to live under the worst
circumstances, each of them alone in their own hell.

When they reunite, can they be the same two people they were before darkness swept upon them?
Told in separate points of view, Darkness Before Dawn is the continuation of Blake and Cole’s fight to make it to the light.


Claire stopped in on my blog today to talk about her new release, Darkness Before Dawn, which released today.  I asked her a few interview questions that she happily answered, and then she answered a fan question (#5).  So thanks Abby Cotter who sent the question in.  Claire was laughing about that one!

1. When you’re in the guys head what’s the most uncomfortable words that you have to use?

Haha….I used the word “cunt”, but ended up taking it out. In a sex scene they all seem weird to me…like “I slide my dick inside her”…uhhh…what?!?! LOL omg, who’s reading these answers?!

2. When you finished the book what did you do? Cry or drink?

I cried as I wrote the last 3 or 4 chapters bc I knew I was saying good bye. When I finally finished, I cried some more…then I drank…coffee. Because I was in Starbucks (yes, I CRIED IN STARBUCKS! And I don’t cry in front of people, so that was an experience).

3. I know Amazon requires you to put a genre label on your book but they don’t always fit the entire book. How would you label it if you could?

Romance, Suspense, Mystery, Jigsaw puzzle.

4. How different was it to write a sequel versus the original?

It was much more stressful. With the original, I didn’t care how people felt about it as much (mainly bc I didn’t anticipate people reading it). With this one I didn’t want to let people down, so that puts a strain in pretty much everything.

5. Many of her characters have unique names (Blake & Aubry). How did she decide on them?

Hahaha….dammit, I guess I’ll tell you my secret…I don’t want to, but I will! I was writing this really twisted short story for a class one day and The Voice was playing on TV, Blake Shelton was talking (his voice annoys me a little bit sometimes), and I kept rolling my eyes but then he said something funny so I looked up and laughed. And as I’m laughing, I’m thinking (bc my mind is SO random), “Blake…I like that name…it’s a total cowboy name…” aaaand so, Blake Brennan (girl) became Blake and her nickname became “Cowboy” ;). I love the name Aubry and originally he was going to be a girl, but then I thought, “Why can’t guys and girls be friends…brothers and sisters even without there being any sexual tension?” So Aubry became a boy! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by Claire! Now everyone go out and purchase her books There Is No Light In Darkness and Darkness Before Dawn!

K.A. Linde

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About The Author: 

Contreras graduated with her BA in Psychology from Florida
International University. She lives in Miami, Florida with her husband,
two little boys, and three dogs. 

Her favorite past times are: daydreaming, writing, and reading. 

She has been described as a
random, sarcastic, crazy girl with no filter. 

is short, and it’s more bitter than sweet, so she tries to smile as
often as her face allows. She enjoys stories with happy endings, because
life is full of way too many unhappy ones. 

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  1. I'm afraid I can't help you there! I always refer to it as "it". Sorry! I purchased book 1 a while ago and have been waiting for book 2 so I can read them back to back. Thank you for the giveaway!

  2. Honestly, I'm not sure. The not-so-awesome words "junk" and "cock" come to mind, but how dirty is the second? I actually prefer reading "dick" in books, but maybe that's just me??

    Thanks for the chance! (:

  3. My husband used to call his "Stanley" as in Stanley power tools but lately I have been calling his swivel stick, I think Lady Gaga called it that in a song, it just stuck in my head. I like "dick," dick is good 😉

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