Behind the Scenes of Following Me Week 2: Hadley


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Each week leading up to the release of my new book, Following Me, I am going to introduce you to the book with my new “Behind the Scenes” meme. You’ll learn about the characters, the set, the feel, the soundtrack. I’m giving you an entire behind the scenes tour! So sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the show.

Week 2
Meet Hadley

Hadley Bishop is Devon’s best friend in Following Me.  She’s twenty-two
years old and graduated from college with a degree in public relations and marketing.   She moved to Chicago upon graduation after acquiring a job at a high end marketing firm.  She has a bubbly, spontaneous personality and I always envisioned someone like the beautiful, Blake Lively, as her casting.  The soundtrack to Hadley’s life is Breath of Life by Florence + the Machine.


“You’re popular,” Devon muttered plopping down in the seat next to her.

Hadley had always been popular though.  She radiated energy and people seemed to gravitate toward her spontaneous personality.  Devon didn’t mind partying but she also liked staying in and vegging out on the couch.  Hadley always seemed to be going, going, going and waiting for life to catch up with her.

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