Book Bash and Exclusive After Party with S.C. Stephens and K.A. Linde

I know you are dying to find out what this awesome headline entails, but bare with me and read the story first!

About five months ago, I went to my very first book signing in Seattle.  S.C. Stephens and I talked and decide we were going to have it in Seattle.  We got some other great chicks together (Tarryn Fisher, Kristen Proby, and AL Jackson).  I had no idea what to expect, but what actually happened far surpassed my expectations.

The signing was on the smaller side, as I’ve come to find out, with no more than two hundred people passing through the spacious hotel room we had on the first floor.  What I found though was that the readers were amazing, passionate, and excited to meet and talk to the authors.  I was floored and just as excited to finally get to see some of these readers in person as they were to meet me.  More importantly, I really felt like I got quality one on one time, and it made the experience all the more memorable.  I mean some people even flew in all the way from Tampa (Jessica and Lyndsay, here’s looking at you), how could I not take the time to spend more time with them?  I loved being able to get to know my readers better, and I never wanted to forget how awesome that felt!

Flash forward about two and a half months later and step out into Boston’s frigid February temperatures.  (My heart goes out to the people injured in the terrible bombing at the Boston Marathon.)  I now had a certain expectation about what the signing would look like and again it was shattered.  Some of you came out and stood in line in the cold for up to FOUR HOURS!  I met so many people who loved the books, screamed at me at my table, asked me sign paperbacks and bags and kindles.  It was a madhouse!

I got some personal time with the people there, but I felt like I just didn’t get ENOUGH time with everyone.  It all went too fast!  I wanted to hang out with you more…

Sooooo…without further ado,  S.C. Stephens and I started tossing around the idea of making that happen!  And what we came up with is ANGSTFEST!!!  A small exclusive after party for a few of our fans after the signing on Saturday in Orlando where we get to hang out with YOU!

Yeah, I know.  Get to the point right!  Here’s the point!

We know we don’t know EVERYONE on our author pages.  So we put together this little giveaway with tickets to meet us, hang out with us, even drink with us if that’s your thing!  Plus, the wonderful host of the Orlando Book Bash, Maryse over at Maryse’s Book Blog, has offered us 10 SOLD OUT Book Bash tickets.  So you can go to the signing or give your friend a ticket to the signing!

Book Bash Tickets!!!
An Exclusive After Party!!!
Meeting some of your favorite authors!!!

Now I know what you’re thinking.  SIGN ME UP!

Well, we would love to, but we don’t have enough for everyone.  So, enter below on the Rafflecopter and good luck!!!  We really really want to meet you!

K.A. Linde

Special Instructions:  Each entry puts you in the contest for 1 Book Bash ticket AND 2 Angstfest After Party tickets (1 for you and a friend).  10 winners will be drawn for this contest. Good luck!

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  1. OMG I am a huge fan of these two authors and I would feel amazingly privileged to spend time with them. This is an awesome giveaway. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  2. OMG – This would be FANTASTIC!!! To meet 2 of my favorite authors and hang out . . . . what a great giveaway!!! Can't wait for June!!

  3. Already have book bash tickets! Bought them back in January. Maryse announced all this on my birthday of all days so my husband being the best ever said let's make it a vacation and here we come! That said would love to hang with you ladies!

  4. Oh my gosh I can't even put into words, what a great giveaway ever!! Thank you so much for doing this. Love both ladies and their books!!!!

  5. Awesome giveaway!!! Can't wait to see you in Orlando. No trolley's this time. 🙂

  6. My name is Celine and I would love to hang out with you guys and attend Book Bash. It would be such an honor to meet all of my favorite authors there! It would also be a dream, since I am staying about 15 minutes away from there and I would love to be there and attend! I hope I get picked as one of the winners!!
    Twitter: @celinextran

  7. This is an AMAZING giveway!!!!! Whoever wins is goin to be ecstatic! Good luck everyone and I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

  8. I'm dying to win. I didn't know tickets were sold out and this was going to be my birthday git to myself. Thanks so much for having this contest.

  9. OMG, this would be so amazing to win!!!! Thank you so much for the chance to win tickets. By the time I decided that I would be able to go, Book Bash was sold out!!!

  10. I would love to win and hang out with these two wonderful authors that I will be sitting on the edge of my seat and hoping that I am the lucky one.

  11. I WOULD LOVE to hang out with K.A. and S.C. after the Book Bash!!! I am coming all the the from Indiana to hopefully hang out with some of my favorite authors!!!

  12. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed that I get picked! I really, really, really, really, really, REALLY want to go to book bash!!!!! 🙂

  13. My daughter and I want to go really really bad. We are originally from FL. and plan on a trip home this summer. We tried to get tickets for the Bash and it was sold out. Great contest. You have two fans in this family!

  14. I was at the Boston Autor Signing and stood outside for about 3 ours. I had to agree to only see 2 authors to get in. By the time I was in both your table and SC Stephens tables were packed. I did get to see you though. I will cross my fingers to get to go to your Book Bash After Party. SOunds so cool. You are so sweet o offer that to your fans. Thanks you so much.
    Irene Donovan

  15. Great idea, and this would be a killer time getting to spend with some great authors. Thanks for the opportunity. Look forward to meeting everyone at the BookBash convention in June.

  16. It would be a dream come true to win a ticket to Book Bash! Love both of these authors so it would be amazing to hang out with them at the after party!!

  17. Would love to win a ticket for my wife as she is constantly reading books by these authors and has mentioned several times how much she would like to be able to go to the event. It would be a dream come true to surprise her with a ticket.

    1. Thank you so much for responding! My wife missed the opportunity to purchase tickets and I know she regrets it a lot as she has brings up the event and disappointment that she cannot go often. I really do want to make her dream come true as I know she really wants to go to the book bash as she is a huge fan! Anything you can do to help me make her dream become a reality would be awesome. The best email to get me at is (that is an underscore between Jax and Jaguars in case it does not show in post). Thanks Brian

  18. Would so love to get tics for Book Bash/After Party. Avid reader and even bigger fan of these authors. I'm about 3 hours away from it and would definitely take the drive! Fingers crossed!

  19. I would so LOVE to hang ou with you guys. Hubby said we are taking vacation that week just to come to the bash to meet my favorite authors.

  20. I would so LOVE to hang ou with you guys. Hubby said we are taking vacation that week just to come to the bash to meet my favorite authors.

  21. I would LOVE to be there… but I can't afford the air fair, and I missed Boston because I had to have surgery 🙁

    I'm hoping to secure a spot at your awesome after party for two of my friends to were able to make it down to Orlando so that I can live vicariously though them… again!

  22. I would love to win- but seeing that I never win anything the chances are way down. Hoping to go down with the kids if I get a ticket. If not I guess I will just have to see you in Chicago next year 🙂

  23. I live right next door to Orlando and didn't get a ticket on time 🙁 Would love to be there bc some of my book besties from Twitter are flying in! And to meet you all would be fab!

  24. Oh My God this is so awesome!!!!

    My friend and I are flying in from CANADA to come to the book bash to meet all of our favorite authors and WE LOVE YOU!!! We both have kiddies who are not even a year old and we are leaving them with the husbands at home to come to the event (good luck husbands:) hehehe) that is how book crazy we are. To come to Angstfest would be like a cherry on top of a really good ice cream. We are so excited about meeting everyone. This would unforgettable for us:)!!!!!

  25. So excited for Book Bash!!! A group of my friends and I are attending together and this event makes it even more exciting for us!! We can't wait!!! Thank you so much for sharing your talent and time with us!!!

  26. I was one of the lucky ones that got to meet you and Shannon in Seattle…and guess what? I'll be at Book Bash in Orlando, too! Yay!

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