Avoiding Responsibility RELEASE

Hey everyone!

Avoiding Responsibility has officially released!!
Go get your sparkly new copy! There are all new scenes *ahem* sex
scenes, and all new material not included in the original version posted on

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K.A. Linde


  1. I read it and loved it.. It was so sweet that I cant wait to see what happens next with ramsey and lexi. I hope the third book tells us about them and their marriage (hopefully) and who tries to get them to break up like jack and if jack and becka get married…

  2. Honestly? I'm in awe! Not just with just your books, but with your style of writing in general! Which is an inspiration to me, am I am sure it is with many young aspiring writers, who are undoubtedly as enamored with your books as I am! I do not know if there will be a third book, but if there is to be, it is as good as sold to me. At the end of Avoiding Commitment I could not wait to receive Avoiding Responsilbility to see just how Lexi finally overcame her daunting cloud of regret that is Jack, silently wishing they would end up together (who doesn't love a good cinderella story, I'm a hopeless romantic what can I say). With that said the story you have splayed out before us was better than can ever be expected! I love to read (anything really, a devourer of words I am)! I would love a continuation just to see how Jack and Bekah end up, so many possibilities! But Lexi's story is now just that her story, she is now finally thinking and standing up for herself (having the delicious Ramsey at her side doesn't hurt)! With all that said I simply want to say thank you sharing your books with us, I truely enjoy myself throughly with each and every one of them! As I will continue to in the future!

  3. Finished this book in 1 day, I couldn't put it down…LOVED, LOVED this book. I hope in the 3rd book that we get to see a Lexie and Ramsey Happily Ever After and children on the way or one at least! I was split down the middle in the 1st book about who Lexie should be with but not after this one, I love Ramsey and I can no longet stand Jack. I hope in the 3rd book we get to see Jack and Bekah if they got married and Lexi and Ramsey getting married!! They deserve it! Do you have any ideas yet on what the 3rd book will entail????! I can't wait for the release!

  4. I need to know if there is a 3rd book too…..way too much going on to not have one pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (is that begging too much????) pleaseeeeeeeeee loved both books, fab fab fab.

  5. I felt unsettled after reading this. I vote that Lexi dumps Ramsey as well. Some of the stuff he pulled was like WTH. The story line, the lies he told didn't make sense at all. Is it weird that the 2 women he has loved are so similar at least physically. It does not sit well with me. It causes a whole new set of issues. I'm just not buying this HEA. Sorry. I've went from rooting for Jack to Ramsey to anyone other than Jack or Ramsey.

  6. Dear Ms. Linde, I love your Avoiding book series., and I think they are more than awesome. I really love Lexi and Ramsey after what they have been through I feel they deserve their happy ever after. I feel Jack is a jerk, and I'm so glad that Lexi over him. I feel that Jack is with Bekah for her money. Bekah horrible person, and maybe she deserves Jack who wil cheat on her, and probably leave her for a better deal. I really loved Ramsey's and Lexie's love and that they were real with each other. Finally they are in a healthy relationship. I also loved Chyna and Adam. Thank you Ms Linde for writing a great book series.

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