Avoiding Responsibility Snippet!

just don’t know what to say! You guys are all really freaking amazing! I
can’t believe that 3000 people like
my author page and enjoy Avoiding Commitment this much! Before I
published the book, I only had 400 people on here…and now 3000!!!
Because you are all so freakin’ incredible, I’ve included this snippet
from AR…enjoy!

Briefly breaking contact, he hoisted her up from where she was sitting
on the couch causing her to gasp against him. He carried her into her
bedroom, and then tossed her effortlessly backwards onto her queen-sized
bed. Lexi giggled taken in by his enthusiasm
as he crawled onto the bed after her. “You’re going to ruin your suit,”
was all she managed to get out as he towered over her.

He smirked at her, obviously amused by the statement. “This is why I like you so much,” he murmured softly.

“What? What am I doing?” she asked giggling, mystified by how her reactions affected him.

“Nothing, which is exactly what makes you so damn irresistible,” he told her capturing her lips in a searing kiss.

Lexi threw her head back against the pillows to break off their actions. “Wait, wait, what made you say that?”

“Oh Lexi, how can you not see yourself through my eyes?” he whispered
softly laying down next to her and beginning to stroke her brown locks.
Lexi just looked back up at him waiting for him to continue. “You seem
to make even the most ridiculous statements
sound adorable.”

“Ridiculous statements?” Lexi gasped. “Nothing I said was ridiculous.”

“You’re concerned about Chyna not being okay with us fooling around
before a wedding she doesn’t even want to attend, and my suit getting
wrinkled. Those are both pretty ridiculous,” he said staring at her

Lexi sat up on her elbows to get a better look at him. “Well for one,
Chyna might be upset about this. And two, your suit is already
wrinkled,” she said pointing out where the suit had bunched up around

“You really are something,” he murmured as he began to kiss from her
throat to her navel. A moan escaped her lips giving away just how much
she really wanted him to stop. He paused at the hem of her dress raising
his head to make eye contact with her, “And
as far as you’re concerned, I don’t need any suits.”

“Why is that?” she asked breathily his eyes captivating her.

“Because we can just stay up here in your room until the New Year,” he murmured against her stomach.


  1. This is soooo Ramsey!! My heart still aches from the last book. Why isn't it December 1st already?!? Lol even though I love ramsey, every bit of me wants her to tell Bekah everything while telling her snobby butt where to go!!

  2. WOW I can not wait just finished AC and omgosh more please this book had me up and down like a roller coaster i luv'd it he!he! and this is so Ramsey bc Jack calls her Lex 😉 ..i luv Ramsey i think he'll be good for her if she lets herself be happy and move on which its sounded at the end that she was ready to FINNALY…i can't believe Jack the nerve of him he looked pathetic at the end he F up thats for sure and im glad that biatch Beka has a duplicate of the ring hmmmph lil does she know that Lexi had the upper hand at the end 🙂 o Dec 1st get her fast enough pleassseee….ps may we pleasseeeeeee get anther Teaser Linde you rock 🙂

  3. Is it wrong to say , yes I like ramsy and she does deserve the "happy ever after" BUT I want jack to hit bottom be destroyed and beg for her back — your heart wants what your heart wants.., don't hate me 🙂 xoxo

    1. I am in the middle of the road. I love both Jack and Ramsey. However, I thing Jack needs to really really beg for him to take her back. He needs to grovel and worship her.

  4. please tell me she is NOT attending Jacks wedding here. That would just be cruel. Ugh Jake pissed me off in the last book. I say ditch the loser. But man oh man please tell me they are not at his wedding. and i don't know how lexi held her tongue with bekah.. i would have put her out of her misery and told her they slept together. HA

  5. Ahhh i want her and jack.to.end up together after everything theyve gone through they have tooo

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