Avoiding Responsibility News!

Hey everyone!

I know I have had so many questions from people wondering when I am
going to release the second book in the Avoiding series: Avoiding
Responsibility. I used to have it available online when I first wrote
it, but have since pulled it to publish. The book needs serious work
and editing before I can safely give it to everyone to read and enjoy!

On that note, I would like to announce the release date of Avoiding Responsibility for December 1st!!!

It will be here before you know it, and I can’t wait to hear reactions
from everyone once it is out! It will be completely revamped, and no
one will want to miss out. Additionally, I now have Kindlegraph set up
for Avoiding Commitment. So head over to the website to get a
electronic signature to the book!

Thanks so much to everyone
who has supported me before and after the release of Avoiding
Commitment, and I can’t wait to continue to share this journey with you

Love you all,

K.A. Linde


  1. I can't wait now that I know i ll be able to read in December …!! It seems so far and long time to wait..!!
    But I think I can do it …!!
    I definetly wonna see little bit of good side of jack..!!
    But I know it's doubtful since his character is completely an asshole in first book..!!
    But whatever it is I just love Ramsey and can't wait to read second book..!!! Love it love it..!!!

  2. I have to tell you that I read this book in two days, I LOVED IT! I think bc it's very relatable. There is always a jack and Lexi 😉 this book I hated jack and loved him at the same time ! I wrote about it on my book blog : https://sweetandsassybookworm.blogspot.com
    I told everyone this is a" must read" you wrote this brilliantly… Can not wait for part two… Thank you for a great book – s&s bookworm 🙂

  3. I hope there is some quality of redemption with Jack's character if he is with Lex or not. I really really want to read this story. I want the angst. I want to root for Jack, I want to root for Ramsey! I love Jack I hate Jack. Gosh dangit but there has to be a Jack

  4. I just finished AC and I am speechless (that doesn't happen often). I did not see that ending and I hope AR gives my heart some peace and closure. Ugh, Dec 1, really?

  5. Loved AC….Dec 1st…seems like forever..but I am so excited. Can't wait. Will we be able to pre-order this book?

  6. I read the first book and I am sooooo hooked!!! I cant wait for the next, I need to know what is going to happen with Lexi and Ramsey and what she will find out about him, and if in the end Jack will wise up and leave Beka for Lexi once and for all. I hope it comes out before Dec bc I read the first 6 chapters on fictionpress and I need to know what happens..

    Nancy Rodriguez

  7. Read both books within a week and loved them both. I enjoyed the way you surprised with the characters. Even when I anticipated what was going to happen next, you surprised me! When is #3 coming out????

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