Thanks so much for all of the entries! I couldn’t believe it when I saw
that I had more than 2000 entries and now more than 2000 likes on
Facebook. You all are seriously amazing! As promised, I am giving away
this signed copy of Avoiding Commitment. Congratulations Mollie
Harper!!! Please respond to me in an email to so I
can get a mailing address to send this to you!

Also, as a special
treat for coming over here and reading about the winner…I thought I
would let you all know that I am planning another blog post with an
Avoiding Responsibility release date attached to it for this week! So
stay tuned for the madness!

Congrats again Mollie!

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  1. I just read Avoiding Commitment then searched online ferociously for Avoiding Responsibility only to be disappointed. I finally found the first few chapters online and read them in a just over an hour. I can't believe I'm being teased like this. I need a release date! I need "closure"!!!

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