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Hello lovelies!
Thank you all so very much for
supporting me through purchasing my book, writing on my Facebook page,
sending me emails, and all around being an amazing bunch of people. 
I have had so much encouragement and support through this process and it is all of you that helped me get where I am right now.
I am seriously overwhelmed with the response to a book I wrote for fun 3 years ago! 
If someone had told me when I was writing up Lexi’s drama-filled
adventures that this would all happen, I would have laughed at them. 
Now that you all have my little slice of angst in your pocket, I am getting more used to the idea that my book is really
out there. 
Whether you are Team Jack or Team Ramsey…or both (as I know some
people just want their cake and eat it too), I am very thankful that you
have taken the time to read my book and connected with the characters.
Since you have all been so utterly fabulous, I have decided to do my first ever giveaway with the release of the blog!
 So fill out the form below to win a SIGNED paperback copy of Avoiding Commitment.
Cheers to you!
K.A. Linde

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  1. Well I liked Jack at first, then I hated Ramsey after the set up was revealed. But in the end I started to love Ramsey and hate Jack. So I am team Ramsey for sure. Can't wait for the next book.

  2. If Jack would just get his crap together I would love him. So team Ramsey for now….I am all for changing. But Lexi should never be second best!

  3. So far I am team Ramsey, Jack just pissed me off way too much so unless he seriously redeems himself I will stay team Ramsey. I have only read Avoiding Commitment so far and have recommended it to a bunch of friends 🙂

    1. yup i love the AC and i have already made 10 of my reading this book plus my coworkers and they loved this book….!!! I wanted to see the Jack being a Good Guy at the end but instead of that he messed up more. so me too i am Team Ramsey…!!! although i didnt like him after finding it out that he set her up like that with his sister but at the end i would like to see lexi with him than Jack…!!

  4. Ugh what a hard question…. Since I just finished AC, I have to say Team Ramsey… BUT I hope Jack gets his act together! I totally want to root for him. 🙂

  5. Just finished 2nd read of AC & preview chapters for AR. I'm SO team Ramsey. I want to punch Jack in the face & shake some sense into Lexi. I LOVE your work. Thanks!

  6. I started this book and only got 5% in then life took over I will pick up again and pick a team and let you know. I am looking forward to reading it though!

  7. first congrats on publishing!!!!
    okay now for me this was hard! I loved Jack he said all the right things at the right time!! then you have Ramsey and he was just perfect. That is until we find out about the similarities.. that was kind of a NO-NO! haha but when it all came down to it I would have to say that I am team Ramsey!

  8. I have just started so I don't have a team yet but with what I have heard so far I think I might be team Ramsey if Jack has a big turnover and changes than it might change.

  9. I haven't read the books yet but from what a friend told me of them, I'm definitely on Team Ramsey.

    Congrats on publishing the books and on the new blog!

  10. I guess team Ramsey but not dedicated to it, just understand that Jack put Lexus through more than any person should, but I also know we can't choose who we love even when it hurts

  11. I love Ramsey, but for some strange reason I'm Team Jack for Lexi at thi s point! I so badly want him to redeem himself or I want her to stop going to him every time he asks….then I could happily move on to Ramsey. I do hate Bekah, and I don't want Jack with her!

    Ughh….my stomach ties in knots even thinking about it! Book 2 please 😉

  12. I'm a HUGE "So You Think You Can Dance Fan". This routine, choreographed by Mia Michaels) and song by Sara Bareilles made me think of Jack and Lexi (or her addiction to him).

  13. I'm team Ramsey so far, the jury is still out. Jack can't seem to put Lexi first. She's the chick on the side. Where as Ramsey SEEMS smitten. I read the teaser chapters in fiction press and I'm sooooo excited to read the rest of AR.

  14. Team Jack for Avoiding Commitment. Team Ramsey for Avoiding Responsibility. I HATE Jack's woman (aka she who shall not be named)!

  15. As much as Jack lures me in… I have to say Team Ramsey! He is just so good to her… I just want to punch Jack in the balls! But I am just like Lexi – the minute his eyes are described I immediately swing my vote back to him!

  16. If we're talking AR Team Jack, I wasn't in the same state of confusion then as I am now…

  17. I did like Jack, I really thought things would work out with him and Lexi but he can't get his act together so it's team Ramsey all the way!! Out with the old and in with the new!

  18. I have only read AC, and first i love Jack and then Ramsey but i think for now i'm on Team Jack maybe this change with AR :D!

  19. I just finished a book that took me FOREVER to read! AC is at the top of my TBR, so I will be starting it when I get home from work tonight. I'm worried that I'll want to scream at or punch someone in the face as I'm reading it from all the reviews I've read. It sounds great. I'll be sure to choose a team once I get to know Ramsey and Jack.

  20. Im in the middle of reading AC right now and I really liked Jack but I just know things aren't going to work out with him. I'm on the fence I like BOTH guys but I still have a bit to go before I can make a concise decision.

  21. I'm about 80% into Avoiding Commitment, but I'm leaning towards Team Ramsey! Can't wait to find out what happens and looking forward to reading Avoiding Responsibility!

  22. Such a hard question. I think Jack really loves Lexi. I think he is afraid to be with her and mess up and completely lose her. She is the only girl he has really loved and has had a friendship with… but then Ramsey is great in AC but I have not read AR and I think there will be more about him I will love and hate that will come out…. right now I'm just team Lexi until I learn more about Ramsey.

  23. I want to be team Jack, I really have love for them two…but is their real love there? Team Ramsey has lots of potential!! Can't wait for book 2!!!!!! Hurry up and get it back out there so we can read it! AWESOME job Linde!

  24. I have to say that I am still holding out hope for Jack!! I feel like this book was written about myself and one of my long time "relationship". I know exactly how lexi feels!

  25. I loved this book and want the paperback for my special library 🙂 I only buy favorites 🙂 Totally Team Ramsey, I just want to smack Jack upside the head. You are amazing author! Thanks for all you do for your readers 🙂 You're AWESOME

  26. Jack…man I tried to hate him but for whatever reason I kept pulling for Lexie and him to work out LOL I think I'll end up being Team Ramsey though haha

  27. OMG what drama; I know why people are rooting for Ramsey but I still cant get over Jack. Jack talking Lexi for a date…19…ferris was special. He is a good man and I think he and Lexi should still end up together in the third book…that BECKA should be penniless and on the street or better still cheat on Jack!

  28. Third book; Ramsey and Parker and obviously Lexi and Jack. Jack should just marry Lexi. End of story….so much pain….there has be be a rainbow somewhere..please!

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