Hey Everyone!

It was pointed out to me that I hadn’t made a
status informing everyone that Avoiding Responsibility is not available
right now. The reason it has reviews on Goodreads is because it was
available on fictionpress.com under the username craziebabe45. A
preview of the book is still posted there!

I don’t have a
release date set for the next book, but I’ll be sure to keep everyone
posted along the way. Thanks for reading and enjoying my first book!!!

K.A. Linde


    1. I love you too darling! I don't know if you caught the reference to yourself in the previous post (I know you like your cake and eat it too) plus…CAKE! lol

  1. The website looks amazing!! Congrats!! Loved your book!! Cannot wait for the next!! Team RAMSEY!!! <333

  2. How exciting! I am a fan of Jack's and can't wait to see where his story goes in book two, however, Ramsey has potential to take my number one spot! I will have to see how Avoiding Responsibility goes!

  3. I don't think I'm team Ramsey or Jack…
    But I can not wait til the next book… I have been stuck to my kindle for days!

  4. Read the chapters available on fictionpress…was such a tease…absolutely cannott wait until this book is released, so addictive….I am team mystery man my self :0)

  5. Leandra Aparicio: hello! its been awesome reading your book. It was recommended to me from other great authors, I've.been reading the book and it has me super excited every time I re open it to keep reading. I would love love love a signed copy but I won't get my hopes up I'm not good in the luck department. Well Congrad and I can't wait o finish the book.

  6. I'm dying to know what happens… Any idea how long we have to wait for Avoiding Responsibility? I'm hoping sooner, rather than later 😉

  7. I feel like Lex. I'm having love withdrawal from this book AC! I read the teasers and I just can't wait for the release date. Plz put me out of my misery……oh yes loveeee the books! Keep em coming ! Lol

  8. I want a happy ending where Lexi is finally with the man who holds her heart. Please make it happen with Jack finally. Have him redeem himself and fight for his Lex.

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